Private npm repository setup for nexus

Private npm repository setup for nexus

npm has become the standard dependency management software for javascript. Dependencies are configured inside a package.json configuration file and downloaded from the public registry Publishing to a public repository is an option for open source projects, but not for private packages. offers commercial solutions to manage private packages, the price range is between 7 and 20 USD, depending of the selected product range.
Another solution is to host a private registry, most maven repository servers are capable to manage npm registries.

Following steps are necessary to configure the nexus repository manager to manage public and private npm packages:


Step 1: Download and configure the nexus repository manager software (if required)

Step 2: Create a hosted npm repository, ex. npm-internal

Step 3: Create a npm proxy repository, ex. npm-public which points to the remote registry

Step 4: Create a npm repository group, ex. npm-all and add npm-internal and npm-public as members

Step 5: Add npm Bearer Token to the realm settings


The setup steps for the client software are:


Step 1: Configure the nexus managed repository

npm config set registry http://<host:port>/repository/npm-all/

Step 2: Login for publish

npm login –registry=http://<host:port>/repository/npm-internal/ --always-auth

Step 3: Configure for publish

npm publish --registry http://<host:port>/repository/npm-internal/

or inside package.json

"publishConfig" : {
  "registry" : "http://<host:port>/repository/npm-internal/"